The Union vs. Non-Union Debate

The debate of union vs non-union has existed for decades, and still continues to be a source of frustration with many unanswered questions. Let’s take a dive into the many benefits for both Union Workers and Union Employers, including greater job satisfaction, higher stats and productivity, and an overall better workforce.

Unions also have a vital role in strengthening the economy through the many resources and support they provide to their membership. They build workforces by providing education and training, and administer working standards to ensure the safety of everyone. They protect both workers and employers by negotiating compensation, enforcing safety regulations, and acting as a liaison between the two parties. A content and well-paid workforce leads to higher expenditure within the economy, and benefits and pension compensation relieves the burden from government social systems.

Benefits & Pension

Our Union offers benefits and pension to all our members, negotiated every few years to get our members the maximum support for themselves and their families.

Higher wages & pay increases

The Ontario Construction Secretariat states that the average union construction worker earns 20% more than non-union. We also guarantee overtime and stat holiday pay.

Specialized Training

Our Union ensures that our members are certified and trained by our partnered registered trade school at no cost to the them.

Union Workers

Union workers are known to experience fewer work-injuries and stress-related mental health issues. They are known to experience more job satisfaction, and have a better work-life balance than non-union workers.

Unionized workers within the construction industry is crucial for the protection of the trade, its workers, and the economy.

Job protection

Our Union is partnered with over 150 Contractors across Ontario, providing our members with a solid job bank. Members also have modified benefits between jobs.

Health and Safety

Our Union focuses on educating our members and enforcing the latest Health and Safety measures on jobsites. We prioritize workplace safety – no life is worth the risk.

Union Represenation

Our Union holds strength in numbers, and we never hesitate to fully represent our members in challenges and negotiation on their behalf.


Our Contractors have access to a list of trained and experienced workers ready to go to work on respective projects as they become available.


Our Contractors never have to worry about debating wages, accusations of favoritism, or partiality on the job, as our workers have set wages and compensations.

Skilled & trained Workers

Our Contractors have access to workers that are trained and certified, leaving minimum training, if any, for the contractor to provide.

Union Employers

Union Employers are known to possess a highly skilled workforce of certified workers who are fully trained, have the knowledge and expertise to overcome obstacles, and have passion for their jobs. This leads to lower turnover rates for the company, saving them both time and money in the long-run.

Unionized contractors within the construction industry is crucial for the protection of projects. Proper installation of insulation is a specialized skill with harmful repercussions if done incorrectly.

Lower Turnover Rates

Our Contractors experience low turnover rates because our members are trained and enjoy their work, hence completing jobs with expertise and efficiency.

Reliability & Safety

Our Contractors have peace of mind when our workers are on a job because our workers value quality, are experts in their field, and prioritize safety on the job.

Collective bargaining

Our Contractors know that we negotiate in good faith for both sides and come to a mutual agreement that benefit both parties.