Employment Guidelines

Below are some general rules and guidelines for working with us. Refer to your Collective Agreement for a complete overview.

dispatch by

Job area lists are created by members’ lay-off dates, ranking them from oldest to most recent. Upon a layoff, you will join the bottom of the list, with some exceptions. This is to ensure that the list keeps moving and everyone gets the opportunity to go to work.

When there is an open call, the Dispatcher will contact members by going down the appropriate area list. If a member is not available, the dispatcher will keep going down the list until the job is filled. 

We encourage all unemployed members to have their phones on them during office hours, as some jobs are urgent and need to be filled within the day. 

overlapping zones & ONTARIO TRAVEL

When the dispatcher is unable to fill a job from the local area list, they will then proceed to fill the job from the closest overlapping area list. If this fails, the dispatcher will resort to our out-of-area list, which members can choose to join. The List gives you access to all jobs in Ontario, not just your local area.

Members who accept a job from an overlapping zone will get travel provided to them. Members on the out-of-area list will get travel and accommodation provided.

Refer to your Collective Agreement for a complete breakdown of travel and accommodations covered.


Mechanics are allowed to refuse jobs as needed but it will result in self-pay dues for the month the job was refused. After 3 refusals, the member will be sent to the bottom of their area list. This is to ensure that members are not holding up the list, giving all members a fair opportunity to take calls.

Apprentices are not allowed to refuse jobs. Doing so without good reason may result in disciplinary action which could lead to termination. 

Should you need to take some time off work, we ask that you call our dispatcher and book your vacation to avoid refusals and self-pay dues. Please remember to contact the Union Hall upon your return to put your name back on the list. 


In the event that there are no jobs in Ontario, members may wish to apply to a job at one of our sister locals in another Province. To do so, please ensure that you have no outstanding dues and are in good standing with us. If you are, you must then apply directly to the job at our sister local, and once approved we will send over your travel card to that local. 

Upon return from your out-of-province job, it is your responsibility to notify the Dispatcher of your return so they can put your name back on the list. 

When you are away on a Travel Card, you get taken off your area list. However, you still keep your layoff date, and when you return, you resume your spot on the list per this layoff date.

21-day rule

In the event that you work on a job for under 21 days and return, you will be given your old lay-off date prior to the current job. This is to ensure that short term work does not interfere with your ranking on the list for a longer call.


Upon completion of a job, it is the member’s responsibility to contact the dispatcher to put their name back on the list. Please wait until you are off the premises before calling and putting your name back on the list. 


Most jobsites require up-to-date training documents so please ensure yours are current and valid. It is your responsibility to monitor when it expires and register for an upgrade. Contact the Union Hall to register.


In the event of an accident that occurs on a jobsite, we ask that you document all details at the time of the incident, and fill out all WSIB paperwork as needed.

Some injuries may seem insignificant in the moment but turn out to be detrimental in the future.


Any grievance, complaint, or dispute on a jobsite that is reported, will be properly documented and dealt with by the jobsite foreperson and the Union Job Steward or Business Representative.

Should the matter persist, a full investigation with appropriate representation will be issued.


The Ontario Insulators have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment and bullying. Should such a situation occur, we ask that you diffuse the issue and bring it to our attention so we can investigate accordingly and enforce disciplinary action.

We pride ourselves on inclusivity and acceptance of all, and will not tolerate any form of hate.