Who we are

The Ontario Insulators are a professionally trained group of Certified Insulator Mechanics, registered by the Ministry of Labour, with 80 years of industry experience. Our members are trained in-house by our partnered certified apprenticeship program, while working in the field abiding by both our high standards and Ontario’s guidelines. As a Union, we value hard work, skilled training, efficiency and reliability. Our work observes these standards, allowing us to promise you the quickest and most cost efficient job every time.

Our Core Values

We strongly believe that our values have laid the foundation for our Union and is the underlying secret to our growth and soaring success over the course of 80 years and counting. 


We are dedicated and committed to our members, and prioritize their well being, growth and success. We grow with each other, for each other.


We uphold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical principles by practicing honesty, equality, transparency, and standing for what is just and right.


We take pride in our history and strive to maintain the skills, techniques and traditions that have been integral to our Association for many generations.


We are eager to evolve, adapt, and grow by inventing unique visions, creative executions, and constantly challenging industry standards to be leaders in our industry.  

 Our Mission


To provide our members with Ontario certified training and education, inspiration to find passion in their work, motivation to build their career, and empowerment to grow and succeed.


To provide our contractors with certified, qualified and enthusiastic workers who outperform expectations, lower costs, and leave an environmental footprint.