Employment Guidelines

Below are some general rules and guidelines for hiring members on jobs.
Some exceptions apply. Refer to our Collective Agreement for a complete overview.

Mechanic apprentice ratio

Local 95 has fully certified Mechanics, and Apprentices within their training process. To ensure fairness among the board, we require a ratio of minimum one journeymen to each apprentice.

For a full Shop Ratio table, refer to our Collective Agreement to ensure you are not exceeding the ratio of apprentices to journeymen. 

name hires 50% Rule

In order to benefit both the members and contractors, we have a 50% name-hire rule, where the choice of whom to hire alternates between the Union and the Contractor. 

For example, should you require 4 members on the job, you are able to name-hire two workers and get two workers off the list. 

Some exceptions apply, as stated in our Collective Agreement.

overlapping lists & Ontario jobs

When a job cannot be filled by the area list, we then move to overlapping lists to fill the job. If this fails, we then place a call provincially to ensure the job gets filled.

For hires outside home jurisdictions, there are travel expenses required to be covered. A detailed breakdown can be found in our Collective Agreement.

health and safety training

In an effort to provide the safest insulation services in the construction industry, we provide our members with an array of ongoing, documented, safety trainings.

We ask that contractors do their part by checking training documents to ensure these are current and valid.

workplace injuries & WSIB

In the event of an accident that occurs on a jobsite, we ask that you document all details at the time of the incident, and fill out all WSIB paperwork as needed.

Some injuries may seem insignificant in the moment but turn out to be detrimental in the future.

For WSIB Forms, please contact the Union Hall.

DISPUTES & grievances 

Any grievance, complaint, or dispute on a jobsite that is reported, will be properly documented and dealt with by the jobsite foreperson and the Union Job Steward or Business Representative.

Should the matter persist, a full investigation with appropriate representation will be issued.


The Ontario Insulators have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment and bullying. Should such a situation occur, we ask that you diffuse the issue and bring it to our attention so we can investigate accordingly and enforce disciplinary action.

We pride ourselves on inclusivity and acceptance of all, and will not tolerate any form of hate.