How it works

The Journey

Upon acceptance into our Trade, you begin your Journey as a Probationary Apprentice, where you are required to complete training and courses and will be monitored on your work ethic and determination within a specific time period based on the number of hours you work in the field. Once you have successfully completed your probationary period, you will be invited to get “Sworn In” which introduces you into our International brother/sisterhood – The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers – an Insulators Trade Union throughout the United States and Canada. As you move through Levels 1 to 4 of your Apprenticeship, you will be provided in school and onsite training, and you will be evaluated on both your skillset and work ethic. Level promotions are based on the number of hours worked in the field, along with your performance. Upon completion of your Apprenticeship, you will be upgraded to a Journeyperson status, which is the highest level of Insulator there is. At this level, you will be a fully trained Insulator Mechanic, certified by the Ministry of Labour, and will receive full benefits as you pursue your passion within your career for years to come!

Probationary Apprentice – Level 0

Main Goal: At this stage of your apprenticeship, you will be monitored extensively to ensure that you are a good fit with our organization. Your skills, determination, work ethic and eagerness to learn will play a big role on whether or not you advance to the next stage of your career.

Hours Worked: 0 – 1200 Hours

Apprentice – Level 1

Main Goal: At this stage of your apprenticeship, you will be evaluated by your Contractor as well as us to determine if you are ready to be “Sworn-In” to our Brother/Sisterhood. Along with an excellent recommendation, you will also need to have completed 1200 of work in the field, paid your initiation fees of $250. Swear-Ins take place at our Monthly Union Meetings – all details are sent to those invited.

Hours Worked: 1200 – 2000 Hours

Apprentice – Level 2

Main Goal: At this stage of your apprenticeship, you will continue to attend schooling, training, and working in the field to build up your hours to get upgraded. You will continue to be evaluated by your Contractor and Local 95 Officers.

Hours Worked: 2000 – 3600 Hours

Apprentice – Level 3

Main Goal: At this stage of your apprenticeship, you will continue to attend schooling, training, and working in the field to build up your hours to get upgraded. You will continue to be evaluated by your Contractor and Local 95 Officers.

Hours Worked: 3600 – 5200 Hours

Apprentice – Level 4

Main Goal: This is the biggest step in your apprenticeship as you will be preparing to finish your final year of schooling and getting ready to upgrade to a Journeyperson Mechanic. Upon the completion of both your 3rd year schooling and 6800 hours worked in the field, you will be considered for an upgrade. At this time, you also need to have been Sworn-in, Paid $500 in initiation fees, and have no outstanding dues owed to us. 

Hours Worked: 5200 – 6800 Hours

Apprenticeship Trade School

Local 95 is proud to be partnered with the Joint Apprenticeship Committee (JAC), a training school which supplies both theory and hands on training to all our apprentices, providing a solid foundation to their work experience on jobsites. This training is specific to our field and industry, and catered to follow and adhere to Ontario’s guidelines and regulations. We ensure that, upon graduation, our members emerge as leaders in our field, providing the best quality of work in the most efficient manner possible. 

Our Apprenticeship Tradeschool Program is comprised of 3 Levels of schooling, each consisting of a duration of six weeks. During each Level, a combination of in-class theory and hand-on physical training is provided.

At Local 95, our main goal and focus is to provide our members with careers, not just jobs. We strive to provide education and training that is financially accessible and available to everyone. Therefore, our Apprenticeship Tradeschool Program is offered to our members at NO COST. All school training fees are covered, providing equal opportunity and a chance for our members to build a career within our Union. In addition, while our members are unemployed and in school, they are supported by EI, and provided compensation for room & board and gas until they return to work. Furthermore, upon completion of Levels 1 and 2 of school, our apprentices are eligible to receive Federal and Provincial Grants. 

Safety And Work Courses 

Along with our Apprenticeship Tradeschool Training, our members also receive safety and job training courses to help them excel in their work, while complying to Ontario’s construction guidelines. Some of these are mandatory to work in Ontario, and some are required by Local 95 to ensure our members have the highest standards of work and efficiency. 

Some of our courses provided include First Aid Training, Health and Safety in the Workplace, Working at Heights, Type 3 Asbestos Removal, and Confined Space Hazard Awareness among many more. 

Once again, all these courses are provided to our members at NO COST to them. Our goal is to create a membership where each member has equal opportunity to excel in their career.

Red Seal Certified – Ministry of Labour

Local 95 is recognized as a Red Seal Trade. Red Seal Trades are governed by the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) and regulated under the Provincial and Territorial Apprenticeship Acts.

Upon completion of their apprenticeship, members are provided the opportunity to complete the Red Seal Exam. In succeeding, they receive their Red Seal Certification, which indicates that this tradesperson has demonstrated the knowledge required for the national standard in that trade. This Certification is of the highest standard of workmanship in Ontario, and upon completion members are eligible to receive a Federal Grant for passing the Red Seal Exam.

Join us

Local 95 has a set of requirements and guidelines in place for those interested in joining our membership. This is to ensure that you are a good fit with our Local. Since our mission is to create careers for our members, we want to ensure that each member has a passion for our insulation, dedication to the job, and commitment to our Union. We take care of our members, and in doing so, we aim to only gather those who are serious and committed to working hard and building up our legacy together.

Qualifications and Requirements: 

  • Minimum Age: 18 years old
  • High school diploma
  • Legally allowed to work in Ontario
  • Mandatory Health Test – due to physical constraints of the job 
  • Comfortable with working at heights – up to 100+ feet
  • Skilled with numbers and mathematics
  • Enjoy hand-on, physical work
  • Interest in skilled craftsmanship
  • Desire and passion to learn and progress

Bonus Assets:

  • Insulation or Construction experience
  • Courses in woodworking, metalworking, and mechanical drawing
  • Courses in Algebra and Geometry
  • Courses in Science and Physics

Apply Today!

If you are qualified and interested in joining our membership,
please complete our application form below and email it to us along with a copy of your resume.

Email to:

Helmets to Hardhats Program

Local 95 is a proud partner of Helmets to Hardhats Canada, a registered not-for-profit organization that provides job opportunities for men and women who have served in Canada’s military.

Our Helmets to Hardhats program is designed to give back and provide assistance to those who need it, with minimum cost to the recipient.

For more information on this program and to find out if you qualify, please contact our Local Union Office.