What is Mechanical Insulation?

Mechanical insulation is the installation of thermal insulation on all types of mechanical systems, including boilers, HVAC systems, ducts, and piping. Proper insulation is required for systems that transfer or store air, gas, liquid, or product in which the temperature of the substance being transferred or stored is directly impacted by the temperature of the surrounding air. It is crucial that these systems are insulated with accuracy and precision in order to maintain process temperatures for both hot and cold systems – to protect liquids from freezing and to provide burn protection from possible exposure to hot systems.

Why bother? 

Mechanical Insulation does more than just insulate.

Save Energy

Mechanical insulation has the ability to maintain temperatures at desired levels, thus decreasing temperature variations and therein increasing energy savings.

Save Money

When installed correctly, mechanical insulation is the only item in a building that starts to pay for itself immediately, saving you money in the long run.

Save the Environment

Mechanical Insulation is able to reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions by regulating operating temperatures within a building.

The importance of doing it right

Mechanical Insualtion might be commonly performed by many companies and trades, but the specifications of this scope of work has become a lost art over the years. As leaders in our Trade, our standards remain above average because we understand the domino effect of a poor insulation job. When done incorrectly, you will be stuck paying unnecessary expenses year after year. The cost of fixing a poor insulation job can be detrimental because locating the problem is like finding a needle in a haystack. This is why the job needs to be done right the first time – by someone who understands the repercussions of low standards and the value in certified work. 

Making the right choice for your foundation will save you time, money and a load of problems in the long run.

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