Health and Safety

We prioritize and value the health and safety of our members on any jobsite. We strongly believe that safety is a non-negotiable standard, and focus on educating our members and contractors on the most current safety guidelines.
No job is worth a life.


Mandatory safety training is provided to all our members to minimize risks on the job. Please ensure that all your training is up to date and current – it can save your life.

We encourage you all to ask questions on the job when unsure, and if a task seems unsafe, say no and contact your Business Representative for more information. Prioritize your safety and life.

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In the event that you are injured on the job, we are ready to protect you and ensure that you are compensated properly. In doing so, however, you must report your injury right away or you risk losing your claim for compensation. 

We encourage our members to report any and all injuries, whether minor or major, at the time of the occurrence. This will protect you in case a minor injury causes concerns down the road.

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We are partnered with a Mesothelioma Program at the Princess Margaret Hospital for all our members who have ever been exposed to Asbestos.

We encourage you to make an appointment and take regular lung examinations to ensure that you are healthy. If you have been exposed to asbestos in the past, we also recommend that you take your families to get tested as well, as asbestos is known to linger in clothing items and other material and can be transferred easily within households. 

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